The Restoration Process

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Our goal at First Response Restoration is to restore your property as quickly and effectively as possible. We apply scientifically proven methods and protocols to dry structures fast. Our approach is systematically broken down into 3 important stages of remediation.

Stage 1 – Emergency Service

  • Our experienced technicians will start extracting as much visible water as possible.
  • Moisture meters will be used to determine the level of moisture in the structure.
  • Application of disinfectants will be applied to areas subject to microbial growth.
  • Unsalvageable materials such as wet carpet pad or carpet (if necessary) will be removed from the property.
  • If extensive damage occurs, all property contents can be inventoried, boxed, packed, and moved safely off site until the property is completely restored.

Stage 2 – Drying

  • Professional drying equipment will be set up in the property to begin the structural drying process.
  • The equipment must remain on for the determined time to ensure proper drying.
  • The technicians will monitor the structure for temperature and humidity levels and proper equipment functioning.
  • When all moisture and temperature readings are assessed as normal, all drying equipment will be removed from the property.

Stage 3 – Restoration

  • If carpet is salvageable, it will be reinstalled with new padding and then properly sanitized, deodorized and thoroughly cleaned.
  • If carpet is unsalvageable, all structural repairs will be completed and new carpet will be installed.
  • Structural repairs may include installation of drywall, ceilings, wood flooring, cabinets and any elements of the property to restore it to a pre-loss condition.
  • All content cleaning will be performed for furniture, drapes, flooring and all affected surfaces.

Day Or Night Emergency Cleanup